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The Realm of Fiction

Brace yourself, kid.

16 November
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I write too much fan fiction, I am sure.

Disclaimer: I do not own House M.D., The X-Files, nor Grey's Anatomy. I do not make money from these fictions. I simply enjoy playing with the characters.

House M.D.

Waiting (Huddy/Wilson/New Year's.)
Adaptation (Cuddy/Childhood)
As You Like It (Huddy.)
Make It Glow (Huddy/Fluffers)
"I Miss You" (Huddy/Annie Hall)
Roar of the Crowd (House/Wilson/Friendship)
Two of Hearts (Huddy/Valentine's like Fic.)
Mad Hatters in Your Head (Huddy/Drunk!Cuddy.)
One for the Doc. (Huddy/Documentary in Hospital.)
Half Hearted Smile (Huddy/Jealous!Cuddy.)
Prom Night (Huddy/House&Wilson/Bad Fic.)
Love and War Are One (Huddy/Bit o' angst.)
Sadness He'd Come To Own (Wilson/Amber. Character Death.)
He Dreams About Her (Wilson/Amber. Wilson/Cameron Friendship. After Season Four Finale.)
We Never Said Forever (Song!fic. Huddy. Five years after S4 finale. House is leaving.)
Like a Moth to a Flame (Five hearts Cuddy broke and one time she broke her own heart.)
Breakdown (Huddy. They tell each other one fantasy, one hope, one regret)
Intermittently (Huddy. He showed up with a bottle of vodka.)
Solomon Says (Huddy. "I made a mistake.")
The Rose Garden (Huddy. Cuddy hasn't been sleeping well and House discovers this.)
Eight Gifts for Hanukkah (Huddy. Written for ss_huddy '08.)
I Dreamt About You (Cuddy centered fic, focusing on the baby issue.)

These Small Hours
These Feelings
She Was Not Happy
What If You Had Faith In Me?
Fields of Gold
For All of Time (A House/Amber bus scene inspired fic involving House and Cuddy.)

Signal's Fading
Something Much Too Deep
Unsaid and Undone
A Broken Hallelujah
This Sinking Boat
Come Down To Me
For You
Together in Separate Cages

Barely Breathing
Burnin' In My Veins
Or I Never Will

Color Blind (Huddy.)
Battle Scars (Huddy.)

Chapter Fics:
Dangerous Liaisons (House M.D. Cuddy/Wilson/House: friendship. Angst. Drama. R.)
A Very Merry Un-Birthday (Huddy.)
Almost Lover (Huddy/Angst)
A Year In Misery Almost Sort Of (Huddy/College!fic)
I Got You Babe (Huddy/Hostage.)
Our Own Gravity (Huddy/Conference/Same Hotel Room.)
Water and the Stones. (Cuddy Character Study. Song!fic)
Consumed (House M.D. Huddy. Plane Crash. R.)
Tale As Old As Time (AU. House/Cuddy. Beauty and the Beast Adaption.)
If I Could Reach the Stars (Amber Character Study. PG-13.)
Believe in Me (Cuddy/OC. Huddy. Cuddy's involved with another man and a pregnancy comes up.)
Love Letters (House, Cuddy, Wilson. Letters sent to each other.)
Fade to Black (Huddy. Part of the hospital collapses, trapping House and Cuddy beneath the rubble.)

AU Series
I Will Buy You A Garden (House M.D. Huddy/Baby!fic)
Where Your Flowers Can Bloom (House M.D. Huddy. Baby!fic SEQUEL)
I Will Buy You A New Life (AU Series. House/Cuddy/Sarah(Mick). Sequel's sequel.)

In Progress
Down to the Bone (Cuddy develops an eating disorder. WARNING FOR TRIGGERS.)
Rockabye Baby (Cuddy AU fic. Cuddy's life on a different path, but involves the hospital and House. House/Cuddy & Cuddy/OC.)
Walk Me Through This One (House M.D. House/Wilson/Cuddy Friendship. Character Death.)**Temporary Hiatus**

The X-Files
If I Looked Behind Me (Scully reflects on parts of her life and past actions.)
Guernica (Mulder and Scully investigate a case that takes them to another place and Scully comes back strange.)

Grey's Anatomy
He's Been Pretty Much Yellow (Mark/Addie/Angst)
Sleigh Bells in the Snow (Addek/Wee bit Maddison)
That Famous Happy End (Mer/Der. Fluff)